Monday, September 1, 2008

Public Works crews already starting recovery

Public Works crews are out in the midst of Gustav checking on pumping stations, starting generators and keeping a lookout for potential infrastructure problems.

Once the winds have died down, Public Works will send two thirds of its road crew to begin clearing streets and its entire drainage crew to address rainfall drainage issues.

Public Works crews have been housed at the Landry School Gym, which was powered by the generator filmed earlier.

We are reporting a powerline down in front of the Hahnville Fire Department on River Road.

Another power outage also - Barton Avenue toward River Road.

Power is again off at the courthouse.


barbarainstrose said...

I posted this on the power outage thread, but it really belongs here.

I just called home (Oakland Estates in St. Rose), and our answer machine didn't pick up.

Without power to the neighborhood, our pump doesn't cut on. Do you know if someone has started the diesel backup? I'm not looking forward to flooding for the fourth time.

Loy said...

Any news, video, or pictures of Willowdale are appreciated - Stay safe we are thinking about everyone in SCP.

Kathy said...

Any news about what is happening in Norco?