Monday, September 1, 2008

Power outages already begun

Gustav has come in fast and furious and we've already seen some power outages.

Just a minute ago we lost power to the courthouse and the generator kicked in... in all the offices surge protectors are beeping... that's going to get annoying real quick...

EOC wind gauges reached 50 mph this morning and the wind will get faster over the next 2 to 3 hours. Winds have been about 20 to 30 mph sustained.

Also there are these outages to report:

-All of Bayou Gauche
-Taft Credit Union to Courthouse
- St. Rose area near the fire department
- Dow
- 300 block of St. John, Luling
- Red Church subdivision
- Parts of old Luling

EOC Director Tab Troxler says the amount of storm surge flooding will depend on if Gustav made landfall as a Cat 3 or a Cat 2. Currently it is too soon to tell, but we'll know when the wind speed measurements come in from the coast.

If flooding is going to happen on the West Bank, it will be tomorrow before we see any of it, he says. Right now we are projecting that residents won't be able to return until Wednesday during the day.

More to come...

Winds are really starting to whip outside right now. Powerlines and trees are swaying everywhere.


julie said...

we lost lights about 6 am on carolyn dr

barbarainstrose said...

Which fire department in St. Rose? The one at Riverbend and River Road, or the one on St. Rose Avenue?

Phil said...

Any news about conditions in Willowdale and Willowridge?

Uptown Ruler said...

we are thinking about you here in Asheville, North Carolina.

justilien said...

We evacuated from Des Allemands to Georgia. We are monitoring this blog. Please give updates as often as you can. The last one was more than 4 hours old.

St. Charles Parish said...

The power outage was reported from the St. Rose Avenue Fire Department.

barbarainstrose said...

Thank you, and thanks for this blog site.

pamwag said...

How long has the power been out in Red Church subdivision? Do you have an estimate on when power will be back on?

Laurie said...

THANK YOU for this blog!!
can I get an estimated time when power will be restored in Ama?
aniously waiting for a post!!

Caroline said...

Does anyone know anything regarding the Bayou Estates Subdivision arean in Des Allemands?

kfrickey said...

Up in dallas at ny sisters. Got areport from my brother who stayed in paradis. Everything pretty good there. If anyone happens to pass on the old road around the Rockin-n-Ranch,
(right past the cemetary and before dead nans curve)on the left, please count see if you see about 20 horses in the pasture. my daughter has 2 in the herd. thanks. my cell is 985-817-0446. keith frickey