Monday, September 1, 2008

I have Internet access... switching to recovery mode

Just some quick updates since our satellite Internet stopped functioning.

- We have a tornado watch in effect until midnight tonight.

- We are not out of the woods as far as storm surge, but the situation is hopeful. The storm surge at Grand Isle did not get as high as expected, and that is a good marker for storm surge in the Barataria Basin and the strength of the storm. Still, Tab says we are not out of the woods as far as flooding. We will be looking at winds of 50 knots coming out of the south, which can push a lot of water, especially in the Sunset Drainage District.

- The parish is expecting to begin a flood fight tomorrow if necessary. We have at our disposal about 27,000 sandbags, and public works will be out placing them in strategic areas to keep any surge at bay.

- We are also focusing tonight on clearing all major roadways just enough to allow emergency vehciles to pass. The complete road clearing will take most of the day tomorrow. It is strongly suggested that residents not come back into the parish tomorrow. Roads are covered with debris and power lines, and there will be no ice, no gas, no food availability, etc.

- Parish workers will also be out tomorrow doing preliminary damage assessments for public property.

- Based on information from waterworks, infrastructure damage is less than in Katrina. There are less leaks in the water system.

- The parish has received about 3.5 inches of rain today.

More video later... I am feeling sick...


Anonymous said...

all of you thanks for all that you do...we are gratefull for our parish and leaders...would love more neighborhood by neighboorhood info

like old gassen, ama
ashton, mimosa, lakewood,etc
thanks again, and we are still praying...

John said...

A repost of the previous note:

I've been listening into the live feeds from the local stations. They're mentioning the surge that is going into towards Plaquemines...and lower Jefferson (Lafitte)...What's the word of Lake Salvador and Bayou Gauche? This doesn't sound good at all...and it might be what Tab was predicting.

Surely the West Bank isn't out of the woods yet. I hope you feel better.

andy said...

Any word on Lagattuta? I think I speak for everyone when I say we really appreciate y'all keeping us up to date given the circumstances.

P.S. I noticed that the posting times on this site are Pacific. Any way to change them to Central?

St. Charles Parish said...

Switching to Central time now...

DancingGranny26 said...

Any info on Beaupre Drive? We live on the canal side of Beaupre Drive in Luling & were concerned about the canal behind our house. We're waiting this out in Shreveport and are SO grateful to you for keeping us up to date on this blog... keep up with the good work.