Sunday, August 26, 2012

Information from Sheriff Champagne on mandatory evacuation.

The St. Charles Parish President has called for a mandatory evacuation effective at 6 p.m. Sunday for all residents in St. Charles Parish due to Hurricane Isaac.

What does this mean?
It means that conditions from Hurricane Isaac will be such that widespread damage and flooding are possible. It also means that vital services such as food stores, fuel and medical services may be unavailable for an indefinite period. Accordingly, residents are strongly advised to seek shelter outside of St. Charles Parish.

Will I be forced to leave my property?
No, you will not be forced to leave your property. You must be aware, however, that important emergency services such as police, fire, medical, food and fuel might be unavailable for an extended period of time. If you stay, you should be prepared to be self-sufficient.

If I leave, who will protect my property?
The St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office will deploy all enforcement deputies on patrol 24 hours a day. Patrol strength should be about three times the normal compliment of deputies. Deputies will patrol until conditions make it unsafe to do so. As soon as the storm threat has passed, deputies will continue patrol and will do everything possible to protect your home and property to the best of our ability.

If I evacuate, will I be allowed back into St. Charles Parish?
Yes, we will allow St. Charles Parish Residents to re-enter the parish. However, if a certain area is heavily damaged by flood or wind damage making it unsafe to enter, these areas could be restricted for safety reasons. As a general policy however, we will make every effort to allow residents to access their own private property.

What documentation do I need to get to my workplace in St. Charles Parish?
Your legal ID (drivers license) and a letter or ID from your place of employment will be sufficient to get into St. Charles Parish after the storm passes.

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