Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Business status reports.

  • Pit Stop C, 12205 Highway 90 (fuel available)
  • Murphy gas station (in front of Walmart), Boutte
  • Shell at corner of Paul Maillard and Hwy. 90, Boutte
  • Shell stations in Norco and Destrehan
  • St. Rose Travel Center, St. Rose
  • Racetrac, St. Rose
  • Ormond Food Mart, Destrehan (no gas)
  • Racetrac, Boutte
  • TimeSaver, Paradis (no gas)
  • Chevron, Des Allemands (no gas)
  • Jif's Shell Station, River Road, Luling

  • Walmart, Boutte
  • Destrehan Discount Pharmacy, Destrehan
  • Sears, Luling
  • Quality Resources and Supply, Luling
  • Hartman's True Value, Luling
  • Winn-Dixie, Luling (will open shortly)
  • Winn-Dixie, Destrehan
  • Triangle Food Store, Luling
  • Ace Hardware, Destrehan
  • CVS, Destrehan
  • Cashio's Food Villa
  • Walgreen's, Luling
  • GameStop, Luling (opening Friday)
  • Allen's Ace Hardware, Des Allemands
  • Majoria's, Boutte
  • Greaud's, Norco

  • Dot's Diner, Luling
  • Bei Jing, Luling
  • Popeyes, Luling
  • Sailfish, Luling
  • Mrs. Sonwman, Luling
  • Papa John's, Luling
  • Dominoes, Luling
  • Cajun Kitchen, Luling
  • Waffle House, Boutte 
  • Iron Gate, Luling (opening Friday)
  • Anita's Burgers, Luling
  • Julie's, Hahnville
  • Rotolo's, Destrehan
  • PJ's, Destrehan
  • Subway, Luling (Paul Maillard)
  • Smoothie King, Luling
  • Sports Pub, Destrehan
  • Rotolo's, Destrehan
  • Let's Top It, Luling
  • Zydeco's Boutte (opening Friday)
  • Sonic, Luling (cash only)
  • Sushi Cafe, Luling
  • Burger King, Destrehan

  • Capital One, Boutte (open till 4 p.m. Aug. 30)
  • Capital One, Luling (will open 9 a.m. Aug. 31)

  • Dealer Services Automotive Repairs, Luling (opening Friday)
  • Urgent Care (near Walmart on Hwy. 90, open until 4 p.m.)


lulingmom said...

What is open/planning to open today?

Anonymous said...

anyone know if wallmart is gonna open today

Heidi Fitzgerald said...

I've just received notice that GameStop (Luling) is planning to open tomorrow.

srusso said...

Dealer Services Automotive Repairs (behind Majoria's & Carquest) will be open Friday. We can service all your automotive repair and collision needs. All flood cars are welcome....

Anonymous said...

any know what time Walmart will open tomorrow??

Tee Cee said...

Can someone tell me why we've been without lights since Tuesday evening(7:10p) in the Fairfield Community & not one SCP Rep,Deputy,Redcross Food truck,etc has been in our neighborhood to even offer a slice of bread? If we were apart of the $200,000 & up home owner communities,we would have a detail stationed at each entrance/exit.
Just unfair!!

Irma said...

I appreciate that our parish officials are working hard and they do a great job but now that I can get on here, I'm finding this blog less than useful regarding business openings and power outages, the two things most of us need right now.

St. Charles Parish said...

We are posting everything we get. If we don't get it we can't post it. Power outage info coming soon; in the meantime please check entergy.com. We are doing the best we can.

Anonymous said...

McGraw and Associates, LLC's offices are open for business.

We are in the field responding to a critical incident where a business and all of it's employees were affected by the storm.

We are providing crisis intervention counseling there today.

Deborah Jenkins said...

Looking for a place to wash clothes. Live in Luling and hoping there is someplace close by. Anybody know of a place?

Anonymous said...

Whatever. I live in a well over 200 k place and we have had no power since Monday. I see no trucks servicing my street and believe me nobody has a bread line going. The issue is poor management at entergy ugh!!! No matter what, this is frustrating. They are giving me a "hope" that power will be restored by 6th. Really?

Anonymous said...

THANKS to everyone that helps make living here outstandind--WE LOVE ST. CHARLES PARISH!

Peter Whiteson said...

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