Friday, September 2, 2011

Storm prep in Des Allemands close to completion.

We made it out to Bayou Des Allemands earlier to video some precautionary flood fighting measures being put up by Public Works. A two-foot berm levee made of visqueen and sand will help prevent any high water that may occur as a result of Tropical Storm Lee through early next week.

Keep in mind that when this was filmed the storm had not been upgraded to a tropical storm. Right after filming, the Des Allemands / Paradis / Luling area got hit with a pretty intense band of rain. Luckily it looks like that has passed.

Public Works crews continue to search for problem spots in the parish's drainage scheme. They're quickly going around from street to street doing last-minute maintenance, so they're hard to keep up with!

If you have photos or video of Tropical Storm Lee prep in your area of the parish, be sure to send to so we can feature it here!

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