Sunday, September 14, 2008

Willowridge Update

St. Charles Parish residents who are signed up through EOC's telephone alert system received a message this afternoon regarding rising water in the Willowridge subdivision in Luling:

Water in the Willowridge area is rising and may continue to rise. We expect some possible street flooding due to this, but at this time we don’t anticipate any homes flooding due to the rising water.

The ring levee behind this subdivision has been experiencing seepage since this morning.

A front is now bringing winds out of the southwest, which is preventing quick receding today as had been expected. As water is receding from areas near Hwy. 90, that water is now filling the swamps and marshland behind the subdivisions south of 90 in Luling.

Please check the blog later this afternoon for video of this area.


swampee said...

If they know the levee is over topping why is the parish not fixing it ? I see an 18 wheeler full of sand bags on the street but nothing is being done. I guess in a few days when the threat is gone it will be forgotten about like in the past. Way to protect the tax base parish officials.
Do you now relize we need a leeve like the east bank, not promisses!!

St. Charles Parish said...

Parish crews are out working to correct the problem and they continue to monitor it.

Parish administration continues to work with the Army Corps of Engineers to get a West Bank protection levee built correctly.

california gal said...

St Bernard parish reversed their flow in their fresh water diversion back to the river. They didn't think or know if it could be done but they did it and it gave them a foot or so to work with. Shouldn't we be trying this to?

Stop Wasteful Spending said...

We have a few million dollars to place new turf on our football fields. We have no money for drainage, levee protection, and lower sewage and water rates. We need to vote NO for all new and renewal taxes. By the way our property value of our homes was raised again on the last cycle. Shouldn't it be lower if we have flood threats. TAX REFORM NOW.

meltw said...

Get involved with your parish government.
No matter where you live in Louisiana, No matter how many levees you build etc you still need to get flood insurance. And if you don't have it tonight...get it tomorrow.

The Westbank Levee project is a priority and if you follow the council meetings, newspaper reports etc
you will learn that the debate is over what line the levee will actually follow. It will be expensive no matter where it is built. So don't complain about it when the bill comes in.

The money for football fields does not come from the's a school board expense.

And a property value increase is a good thing. It means your home is worth more!!!!

Even if my home floods tomorrow I know the parish officials and the public works dept (who have been working non stop during all the storms) did everything they could to prevent it and will continue to work at it.

Anonymous said...

I think that it is also important to remember that you can help too. The people of Bayou Gauche and Des Allemands were out there right alongside the parish crews sandbagging and helping.

I am not required to have flood insurance but happily pay my $265 a year to protect my property.