Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Traffic woes, etc.

Heard this report while I was on the phone with Spud McConnel earlier...

- There is heavy traffic on I-55 North at the I-10 interchange. Traffic is backed up at least 4 miles up I-55.

- No reports of problems on I-12 between Hammond and Slidell.

- I-10 from Florida is stacked up beginning in Baldwin through Alabama to the LA / MS state line.

- Slow going at Hwy. 90 West near Raceland.

- If you are in New Orleans, the Ice House on Decatur is open.


OTnKelly said...

We took an alternate route from the Jackson, MS area instead of I-55 which was slow going.

Take I-51, right past Terry, MS. Then take I-27 to I-25 into covington and then over the causeway. Smooth sailing and only a few cars until you reach Covington.

It may have taken longer than a typical road trip, but it was alot faster than the slow moving I-55. And lots of cows for the kids to moo at!

OTnKelly said...

We just got back from Jackson. Instead of going I-55, which was slow going, we went I-51 to I-27 that turns into I-25 all the way to covington, then came over the Causeway. It was smooth sailing. Speed limits are lower, but you moved the whole time. Usually only 1 other car in sight. And lovely cows for the kids to moo at.

Kim said...

My boyfriend drove back today on I-10 East from the Destin, FL area to Harvey. He left around 3:30pm and got in around 8:30pm, which is about how long it normally takes. He said he was moving at normal highway speeds the whole time, except for a brief slowdown around Mobile.

amandabiker said...

Can you be a bit more specific about the exit off I 55? Is it well marked or easy to find? Thanks. We are leaving from Little Rock early tomorrow and this sounds like a good route to miss a lot of traffic.