Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Staying in Contact

As residents begin to make their way home, this blog will have less and less readers due to Internet service interruption. If you have something to report, try calling my cell 504-269-7636, and I will post it on the blog. If you can't get through, leave a voice mail because I AM receiving that.

I am now focusing on our radio station 1370 AM, Cable Channel 6 and the Bridge Park signs for communication. All local media outlets will continue to get updates from me as well. But the blog will continue to be updated!


504rvt said...

I have had power and internet since Monday night here in St. Rose, and I appreciate all of the updates.
Do we have any word yet on the sewerage?

zeno35 said...

I returned home at 9:00 pm Sept. 2 and my power was on by 11:00 pm. Cable and Internet are up and running properly. Please call entergy at 1-800-9outage to let them know you are home and without power. I have found in some cases it speeds up the process if there is not severe damage.

senorita said...

cannot find any info on the louisiana state police website or not much of anything else about ROAD CLOSINGS coming from any direction! dont want to spend another 16 hours with kids and elderly people in the car..... we heard that I-10 was closed in mississippi and in louisiana. we came to destin via hwy's 90 and 98 all backroads interstates were a big parking lot!! now we hear that both of those highways are shut down now. anyone who has made it back to norco or st.charles parish please post here and let us know. we read that if we could possibly make it to I-55 that we could take that in to laplace but airline is still shut down in laplace area. still receiving very conflicting info on all of this. why cant the state police post anything about this?
this may also be helpful if you are denied use of your home and are evacuated you may call
1800-54-storm for allstate claim
1866-275-7322 for farm bureau insurance they will try to get funds to you if you are running out of money.

CatoTheElder said...

Zeno, would you mind posted where you are? And how much of your neighborhood has power.

zeno35 said...

I am in Homeplace Subdivision in Hahnville, LA. Some of traisway drive and Pioneer street have power.

inflorida4now said...

Does anyone have information regarding re-entry into Mississippi, Alabama along I-10? Traffic? gas stations opened along the way? We evacuated to southwest Florida and were wondering if there were any others who chose to evacuate to Florida and have made there way back home through those states? Any information regarding the states of MS, AL along the I-10 route into Louisiana would be greatly appreciated! Thank YOU!