Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Re-Entry Instructions from Sheriff

For additional information contact captain Patrick Yoes.

Re entry Instructions

St. Charles Parish Residents can return to the parish when they wish. The suggested route until Wednesday Morning is I-55 then I-10 East to I-310.After Wednesday morning; all routes should be available when Jefferson, Plaquemines and St. Bernard will open up to residents.

I would, however, continue to advise residents wishing to return that there is no electricity in 90% of the parish. There are no gas stations open, no food stores open, no restaurants, and very limited medical services at the St. Charles Hospital. If you choose to return, you should bring the items you will need as you won't find them here. It could be several days before the above necessities are available. 

So, if you enjoy roughing it, welcome home. If you are in a cushy hotel somewhere, can afford it, you might consider staying a day or two longer.

Our parish has dodged another bullet. The outlook was very gloomy when we thought Gustav would come as a category 4 or 5. It ended up being a high Cat 2 \ low 3.   The SLOSH models, which we ran for all categories, showed the potential and I am convinced they are accurate. The category 2/ low 3 version matched with the damage and tidal surge we experienced.

Had Gustav been a high 3 or 4, I am convinced we would have been inundated with tidal surge. We were fortunate once again.

We look forward to everyone helping us get our parish back to normal.

Sheriff Greg Champagne

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