Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Press Conference Notes from Parish President

Sheriff and EOC Director's notes coming... Press conference video is processing...

- When you return to St. Charles Parish, you must be self-sustaining. There is limited or no availability of food, water, gas, ice and medicine.

- The Sheriff’s Office continues to keep its curfew in place. Do NOT ride around the parish to sight see. You will be stopped by Sheriff’s Deputies.

- There is no public shelter here in St. Charles Parish. Please understand that if you come back you probably will not have power, and there will be nowhere for you to go to seek alternate shelter or get supplies.

- We currently have 1,100 of our own residents in shelters in more northern parts of Louisiana.

- Our wastewater system is a concern for us. Our main plants do have generator power but the lift stations do not have power. We are urging residents already here to use wastewater services sparingly. We are asking you to cut back on flushing, showering and clothes washing to relieve pressure on our system.

- Entergy expects the parish to be out of power for at least the next seven to 10 days. Please give Entergy crews the room they need to work.

- The water in St. Charles Parish remains safe to drink.

- On the East Bank, Harding is closed from the railroad track to Airline. On the West Bank, there are road closures on WPA Road, Hwy. 635 to I-310, and some interior roads are closed. These are all due to downed powerlines.

- If you do come back, we ask that you help in our cleanup efforts. However, do not place debris in ditches. Please isolate debris from structural debris, and place old ice boxes and frozen garbage in a different pile.

- If you can’t afford to stay away any longer we will not deny you access. However, please be aware that the conditions here in St. Charles WILL be primitive. Power is only available at about 10 percent of homes.


egle said...

I have been watching rivergages.com and the water at Pier 90 is still rising. Is this still accurate? If so when does it become a concern for St Charles Parish. I know this will directly effect the residence on Hwy 90 near Pier 2 and the residence in Willowdale. With people being allowed back in should this be a concern?

thejoneses said...

I don't know who personally is keeping this blog page running, but thank you - its kept me sane! No sensationalism like we are getting from the major media outlets - THANK YOU!

Cherie said...

After Katrina, there was a website (I think this one or Herald-Guide) that showed which streets had power. Any idea on if we can get word on power as it is restored?

Anonymous said...

How can the parish be out of power for 7 to 10 days but the schools plan to open in 6 days? I am basing my return on when my daughter is due back in school. It would be most helpful to many of us moms if the school board's decision to reopen is in agreement with the parish report on when power will be restored.

Stacey said...

Does anyone know if you can get through on hwy 90 and over the Luling bridge to Destrehan or is this still closed?