Friday, September 12, 2008

Photos - Hurricane Ike's Effects on Bayou Gauche, Des Allemands


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for keeping us up to date with this blog site.

How are the levees doing in the area? Are we seeing any places that we should be worried about? And are there people out watching them?

St. Charles Parish said...

Public Works is monitoring the levees as well as officials with the Sunset Levee District (I can only assume that)...

At this hour I haven't heard of any problem areas.

Michelene Benson said...

Yes! a very helpful site indeed. It is so refreshing to see the focus on the victims and not on the politicians.

In times of trauma, credible and accessible information is a great comfort and relieves some of the angst caused by uncertainty.

We are all looking for ways to help and somehow ease the burden. As it happens though, our efforts are most often in reaction to an event. While this is clearly needed, we should perhaps also consider a more proactive and long term approach to relieving some of the suffering we are experiencing at the hand of nature!

This link provides an insightful video which deals with this dilemma and offers an opportunity to do something real ... to correct our nature!