Sunday, September 14, 2008

Morning Update 9/14/08

Reports from EOC this morning:

  • Water levels have crested and are beginning to recede, but residents should expect high water conditions for at least the next 72 hours.
  • There has been some seepage and overtopping of the ring levee behind Luling's Willowridge and Willowdale subdivisions in at least one area. We DO NOT expect this to threaten any homes, but it may begin filling ditches.
  • The water is receding over Hwy. 90 near the Davis Diversion. It is now passable and down to one lane.
  • Water levels have risen even more in Bayou Des Allemands. Parish workers are still sandbagging to correct at least one breech of temporary flood fight measures on Up the Bayou Road. 
  • Water is rising in the ditches in Ama.


dersr1 said...

I was one of many who back in the 90's was sandbagging behind Willowridge and Lakewood Dr. when we had a storm pass to our south similar to Ike and a strong South wind pushed the water on the streets and to the top of the very small levees. Hwy 90 at that time did not have water. What is different this time? Hwy 90 has water but everything in Willowdale & Mimosa area looks good. Is the diversion's levee help protecting us? Has there been upgrades elsewhere?

swampee said...

If they know the levee is over topping why is the parish not fixing it ? I see an 18 wheeler full of sand bags on the street but nothing is being done. I guess in a few days when the threat is gone it will be forgotten about like in the past. Way to protect the tax base parish officials.
Do you now relize we need a leeve like the east bank, not promisses!!