Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Important Information for those Returning

One of the reasons we are predicting a Wednesday return is because of infrastructure concerns. Please be aware that the more people are in the parish, the more pressure it will put on our sewage system, which has largely lost power. 

There is a possibility that sewage *could* back up into homes if the system is overloaded... Considering how lucky we've been damage-wise, sewer backups would be a big step backwards.

Also, there are no plans to open schools Thursday. We are waiting on word from Entergy about when power will be restored to all 20+ school sites.

Additionally, State Police have been told to allow only Tier 1 and Tier 2 residents into the parish today (Tuesday). These include utility workers, damage assessment teams, first responders and industry essential personnel.



K said...

Good news. My husband is headed back today. He has a tier two pass. As usual, great job Tab and especially Robbie.

amandabiker said...

We all know Tier 1 and 2 can return first. However there are a great number of us that are Tier 3 and we would appreciate at least a rough estimate of when we will be allowed to return. Don't mean to sound negative here because we all really appreciate the great job you have done. Many, many thanks from all of us.

St. Charles Parish said...


The clean up is coming along quickly.... I spoke with the Sheriff and V.J. just a few minutes ago and we are gearing up for Tier 3 return tomorrow. Be careful on your return and "Welcome Home"!. I hope that helps. Tab Troxler, EOC Director

amandabiker said...

Thanks so much for the hard info and the welcome home thought. Really, really appreciate it and the fine job you are all doing. Don't know if we will return tomorrow or not but very appreciative of your quick response. Thanks again.

lbo said...

We appreciate the updates that everyone has been posting. But I have several question what exactly do you mean by tier 1 and tier 2. And can you also tell us something about the Paradis and Boutte area please.