Tuesday, September 16, 2008

High Water Reports for Sept. 16

The parish is currently monitoring the following areas due to high water. Please be careful as some roads may have standing water. The parish has put out signs alerting drivers to these dangers.

  • Cajun Paradise and Old Spanish Trail, Boutte. Water is over the road at this intersection. High water from the marsh is coming in underneath a nearby railroad trestle and filling ditches. 
  • Beaupre and Cottage Drive, Luling. Public Works crews have completed sandbagging to control some overtopping of the spoil levee in this area, which is out of sight of residential homes. The water had been going into the Cousins Canal. The overtopping has been stopped, but the parish continues to keep watch. Public Works found the issue early this morning during routine levee monitoring.
  • Hahnville High School, Boutte. The small spoil levee behind Hahnville High School did experience some overtopping yesterday and this morning. Crews have corrected this with sandbags and clay. They continue to monitor the area for additional failures.
  • Magnolia Ridge, Boutte. Water here is covering the road at almost 3 feet in places at the southern end of the road. Public Works officials say water levels appear to be static and are expected to begin receding.
  • Bayou Des Allemands. Crews continue to monitor this area for any overtopping or trouble with the temporary flood control measures placed here, which include flood control tubes and plastic-wrapped sand.
  • Evangeline Road, Montz. Water continues to cover the road. Motorists are asked to be cautious.

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