Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the status of the parish?

All sewage problems have been resolved. We are no longer asking people to use their sewer sparingly. You may now flush toilets, wash clothes, wash dishes, take showers, etc. as usual.


What is the status of the water supply?

The water in St. Charles Parish is safe to drink. It has been safe to drink throughout this storm event.


When will debris removal begin?

Cleanup crews have begun removing debris. Please place garbage and debris separately. Please do NOT stack debris near fire hydrants or water meters! Also, please do not stack debris on top of or near service pedestals for Cox Cable, AT&T or Entergy services.


Can I burn my debris?

The Fire Department is reporting at least 30 calls recently related to trash burning in the parish. St. Charles Parish burning ordinances require that all burn sites be at least 1,000 feet from any residence. Additionally, you are REQUIRED to obtain a permit from the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office, and there is a 14-day waiting period before you can start burning. For more information please contact the Sheriff's Office at 985-783-6807.


Is the curfew still in effect?

The St. Charles Parish Sheriff's office has announced that the curfew is no longer in effect. Alcohol sales are now authorized. However, the Sheriff's Office is still operating with double the manpower. Deputies are being augmented by personnel from other agencies, including the National Guard. Heightened patrols are still being done, especially in areas without power. 


Are there dumpsters available?

Dumpsters are available at Willowdale Diversion, Paul Maillard and River Road, Ormond and River Road, St. Mark’s Church on River Road in Ama, Apple Street and River Road in Norco, Charlestowne and River Road in St. Rose, WPA Road near the park, and Longview and River Road in Des Allemands. Please DO NOT burn your debris or place it in ditches. 


What is the status of the hospital / pharmacies?

The hospital has power and is up and running for emergency services, urgent care and inpatient services. For more information call 985-785-6242. For more extensive information on pharmacies, visit ‘Businesses Now Open’ at


What is the number to…

LA State Police1-800-469-4828


Red Cross1-866-GET-INFO

St. Charles Parish Hospital985-785-6242

Lafourche Parish985-637-5195

St. John Parish - 985-652-2222           

Jefferson Parish504-349-5360

Atmos Energy504-491-0904

Cox Communications504-304-8444


CatoTheElder said...

Good to know about the trash pick up.

burgh said...

What time tomorrow, 9-4-08should we go to West Bank Bridge for the commodities? I am in Destrehan and have no power.

St. Charles Parish said...

8 a.m. for the commodities...

burgh said...

Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

is the curfew still in effect and if so what time?

St. Charles Parish said...

Curfew is still in effect.

Anonymous said...

Can you please post when the lift stations are operational? That is our criteria for coming home. Thanks for this is indispensible for those of us far from home.

kenaq said...

What is the status of the downed power lines across River Road near the IMTT facility? Any idea on when repair crews will be in this area? I know I won't get power until that is repaired.

SickofCOX said...

It does not do much good to post the Cox number, all you get is a busy signal. If their response is anywhere as slow as it was after Katrina, I will definitely be changing my phone and net service to Bellsouth. Within a few days after Katrina Bellsouth trucks were everwhere. I did not see a Cox truck until ten days after the storm and it took 14 days to restore my service.

Bovigen said...

Is there a burn ban for the parish?

G said...

Who should one call for roof tarps? Or where can they be picked up? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Even though Hurricane Ike's track did turn, many people are saying we may need to evacuate just incase? What are ya'll plans on evacuation?

Justme said...

I live on the westbank of the parish. Our street has not had debris removed. When is this going to happen? I see the east bank has most of theirs removed.

St. Charles Parish said...

Please see the debris removal update: