Saturday, September 6, 2008

Food Stamp Information

The following location in St. Charles Parish will be accepting applications beginning Thursday, Sept. 11 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. THIS LOCATION WILL BE CLOSED FRIDAY, SEPT. 12, SATURDAY, SEPT. 13 AND SUNDAY, SEPT. 14 DUE TO TROPICAL STORM CONDITIONS. IT WILL BE OPEN DAILY UNTIL SEPT. 26.

St. Charles Parish Office of Family Services
14401 Hwy. 90, Boutte

You can also call 1-888-524-3578 (1-888-LAHELPU) and press option 3 to hear the specific site locations. Because this is a state program, you may go to any location in any parish to apply.

For full information on the Disaster Food Stamp Program, please visit

The disaster benefit period for Hurricane Gustav is August 29, 2008 through September 27, 2008.

To determine your potential eligibility: 

Add your total combined income expected to be received from August 29, 2008 – September 27, 2008 to your available resources (cash on hand and all accessible bank accounts). 

If the total is at or below the “Disaster Income Limit” listed below for your household size, you may be eligible for Disaster Food Stamps. 

Household size 

Disaster Income Limit 

Maximum Allotment 

















Each Additional Household Member 



Click here for the Informational Flyer containing Elgibility Information

What are the Basic Eligibility Requirements?

  • You and your family must have been living in one of the parishes included in the DFSP Disaster Area on August 29, 2008. St. Charles is one of these parishes.
  • Your household must meet the income limits to qualify to receive benefits from the DFSP.  
  • Your household must have experienced one or more of the following as a direct result of Hurricane Gustav:   
    • Loss of Food;
    • Damage to, or destruction of, your home or self-employment business;
    • Disaster-related expenses for which you do not expect to be reimbursed during the disaster benefit period; or
    • Loss or inaccessibility of income, including reduction or termination of income, or a significant delay in receipt of income due to the disaster. 

What to expect from the application process? 

  • There will probably be lines. Households are encouraged to send their healthiest member.
  • You will be interviewed by an agency representative who will determine if you and your family qualify to receive Disaster Food Stamps.
  • If found eligible, you will be provided an EBT card and benefits will be loaded on the card within 72 hours.

      At the application interview you will be expected to provide:

  • Verification of identify of the head of the household and that of an authorized representative who is applying on behalf of the head of household. You can provide a driver's license, picture ID, work or school ID, voter registration card,  pay stubs, birth certificate, an ID for health benefits or another assistance or social services program.
  • Names and Social Security Numbers of all persons residing in your household on 8/29/08.
  • Verification of you and your household's residence on 8/29/08.
  • Information regarding income and bank accounts for all members in your houshold. It would be helpful if you could provide pay stubs, pay statements, and/or bank statements.

The following is the official DFSP Application Form and may be downloaded and printed. You may be able to expedite the interview process if you complete the application prior to coming to one of the application processing locations.


Disaster Food Stamp Assistance Application Form


strose said...

Where will we be able to apply in St. Charles parish on Tuesday and how long will applications be accepted? Thanks

St. Charles Parish said...

A local application office will NOT open on Tuesday. The state is still confirming information on this program and where it will be available in St. Charles; we will put out the information when it is confirmed.


Bridgett said...

Can St. Charles residence apply at another location other than the one in St. Charles?

Trista said...

They said on wwl that there will be locations for emergency food stamps. Will there be other locations other than the community Service Office in new sarpy seeing as that office will not be doing this on tomorrow. I did not evacuate but had family evacuate to my home, i lost everything but had 2 spend bill money to buy all my food over, would i still be eligiable for food stamps, being as all the rest of my money has to be spent in bills??

St. Charles Parish said...

An office will be open in St. Charles Parish by the end of the week... we are waiting on the state to give us the confirmation.

Until then you can get eligibility information, an application form and information on other food stamp centers in this area at this link -

wishin said...

Even if I can answer yes to all the questions on the application but I'm over the income listed does that mean my family will not qualify for any money or will they give you part of the money to help replace lost goods?

St. Charles Parish said...

I am told it is income-based. Please call the 1-888-LA-HELPU number for clarification.

Meli said...

I just read that St. Charles Parish will open an office at the end of the week. What about the people that work all day? Can we call or fill out an application online? Will they be open on weekends?

St. Charles Parish said...

According to the state these locations will be open for seven consecutive days, weekends included.

parcat said...

Can St.Charles Parish residents apply at a center in another parish before the St.Charles Parish center is opened up? Lots of people in this parish have lost everything in their freezers and refrigerators and simply don't have the funds to replace food.

St. Charles Parish said...

It is a state program; you can apply at any of the locations.

meme said...

well i think everyone should be able to get help we all had to leave so why does it have to be by your income we didn't have any say what god was going to do.

nomorecanes said...

Will we still be able to apply in the parish tomorrow? I notice we are no longer on the list.

St. Charles Parish said...

You will be able to apply Thursday; the address is in the post above.

Anonymous said...

I know that the St Charles location will be closed Friday & Saturday, and that it will reopen daily till Sept 23rd. However, will it be open this sunday, September 14th? Thanks for the information.

mol said...

can i go to any parish to apply for disaster food stamp program

St. Charles Parish said...

It is a state program; you can go to any parish.

St. Charles Parish said...

It will be open daily until Sept. 23 except for this Friday and Saturday. So yes it will be open Sunday.

cajun said...

I would like to why our elective official are not trying to get everyone who need assistance get it.leave income out of assistance. I know the federal government will refund the parish money for calling a mandatory evaculation. I know the parish make more than $3000.00 a month

St. Charles Parish said...

Food Stamps are a state program which the parish has no control over. Please visit this link to learn about all the ways you can get assistance both from the parish and the state:

cookie said...

I know the time is from 8-7 but do they let people in line up intill then or do they stop people from getting in line after so long so they get them all processed by 7.

wishin said...

There is an article on where they moved the dates for income. It's now Aug 30-Sept 28th.
This may qualify some people now.

amaladie said...

what about the handicap and the disabled we dont have anyone to go for us and we cant wait in the long lines is there a place we can go we lost all our food and cant afford to replace it we are waiting for the lines to go down but every day they are the same

St. Charles Parish said...

Call Community Services at 764-7944. They are doing food distribution.

bayoubabe said...

Are they planning to extend the deadline for the food stamp program from a different date other than Sept. 23 since the office was closed for three days over the weekend. Lots of people still need to apply and most of them have jobs and work and such... thanks.

St. Charles Parish said...

Sites are open for 14 days, which was extended from the original 7 days. Only through Sept. 23 the state tells us.

cajunmom said...

I am hearing that some people have had there food stamps doubled due to Hurricane Ike. I have not and was wondering what is going on.

MzMzre said...

I received a EBT card but when I call to check the balance it says invalid card. Is this a problem or have they just not had time to input my data?

MzMzre said...

Tuesday will be 14 days and still nothing!