Saturday, September 6, 2008

Entergy Update 9/6/08

We have these updates to report:
  • Crews are working in Hahnville today on the main feeder running from the Courthouse upriver. Once those repairs are completed, most, but not all, of Hahnville should be energized.
  • There is power in parts of St. Rose, and Entergy continues to work in that area today. They are reporting numerous problems, though.
  • While the front section of Ashton Plantation has power, crews are continuing to work to complete the entire area. When Ashton gets power, the rest of Gassen Street should light up as well.
  • A crew is working on Courthouse Lane in Hahnville today.
  • Still nothing to report on Magnolia Ridge, Paradis or Des Allemands, but hopefully we will hear something by our next update.


Allie said...

will allie ln. (across from Luling Estates) get lights today

Rich R said...

Ok, when you say front side of Ashton Plantations you must mean the 6 street lights as you enter the subdivision otherwise is Ashton is completely without power. All of Ashton has buried utilities so I can't see how Entergy would not provide power to the subdivision knowing that it could easily bring 200 customers online with little effort but the word on the street is they want to bring a whole area up at a time. Isn't that like the Saints waiting to play a game when all there starters are healthy? Whatever. 5 days without power and counting- go Entergy.

Allie said...

We have buried utilties as well.

Shaun said...

YEAH!!!!! The lights are on in Paradis