Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Court Closure via Judge Robert Chaisson

Based upon the latest updates regarding current conditions in the Parish, and the inability of much of our citizenry to return at this time, all court hearings scheduled for this week will be postponed until a later date.  Although the judges and their staffs are currently attempting to return and have their offices open as soon as possible, no court hearings will be held prior to September 8, 2008.  Thank you for all that you and your staff do to serve the people of St. Charles Parish and thank you for helping us to relay this message regarding the courts.


krystinnelizabethh said...

so if someone did have court through the week of september 1-8, will it be rescheduled BY the courts or will we have to go to the court house ourselves? and when is the cut off date to do so?

St. Charles Parish said...

From Judge Chaisson:

Any court hearings that were postponed due to the hurricane evacuation will be rescheduled by each judge for his individual division of court. Anyone whose hearing was postponed but has not received notice of a new court date should contact the Judge's office for that division of court to be advised of the rescheduled date for his/her hearing.