Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Comprehensive List of Businesses Now Open


Hahnville – Brightway Signs, Holy Rosary Church (weekend masses)

Luling – Shell Station River Road, Capital One Bank (Drive thru only), Shell station near Luling Bridge, CVS, Thrift Village Drug Store, Latter & Blum, Dr. Nancy Pimberton (Dentist), Dollar General on Paul Maillard Road, Shell station at Lakewood and Hwy. 90, Winn Dixie (Meats, cold goods), Domino's, McDonald's (Drive thru only), Subway, Wingzzz, East Island

Boutte – Hartman’s True Value Hardware, Capital One Bank, Anita’s Hamburgers, Majoria’s, Walgreens (milk), Champion's Exxon opposite HHS, Great Wall Chinese Buffet,Wal-Mart (Dairy products, ice, canned goods), Wal-Mart gas station

Destrehan – Winn Dixie, Ormond Café, TimeSaver, Moccachino’s, Domino's, Valero Convenience Store, Cypress Café, Sports Bar, Ace Hardware, Napa Auto Parts, Capital One Bank, CVS, Scoops, Destrehan Discount Pharmacy

New Sarpy – Chef Ed’s

Norco – Greaud’s, Shell Station

St. Rose - Voodoo BBQ

Bayou Gauche - Jim's

PHARMACIES / DRUG STORES (Information courtesy St. Charles Parish Hospital)

CVS (Destrehan) - open 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Phone: 985-764-1158

CVS (Luling) - open 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Due to water damage, serving existing customers only

Phone: 985-785-1753

Patio Drug Store (Veterans Hwy, Metairie) - open Saturday, 9/6/08 from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.


Thrift Village Drug Store (Luling) - open Saturday, 9/6/08 from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Phone: 985-785-6213

Destrehan Discount Pharmacy (Destrehan) - open Saturday, 9/6/08 from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Phone: 985-764-1181

Winn Dixie (Destrehan) - open 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Phone: 985-764-1318

Winn Dixie (La Place) - open from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Wal-Mart (Boutte) - Store pending, pharmacy open
Phone: 985-785-8586

Walgreens (Boutte) - Store pending, pharmacy open
Phone: 985-331-0318


Winn Dixie (Luling) - Store is open, pharmacy pending

Phone: 985-785-0610

Information obtained from individual stores and is subject to change. Contact store before visiting.


distressed said...

We are very much wanting to go home. But why is it the east bank side of St Charles was taken care of so far. We live on the Westbank side and very much want to go home so when are the lights going to be back on our side of the bank. We also give alot to this parish so give us some respond on this and not no 2 weeks for some of the elderly want to get home.

usthree43 said...

Napa will be open Thursday 7:ooam

Feeding the Bobbin said...

I'm on the westbank and do have power, so it isn't just the eastbank. take heart! I hope your power is restored soon distressed!

DancingGranny26 said...

Depending where you live, try to call neighbors that might be back home already to check on your property. We have found out through neighbors where the power is working and not working. So far, we know that Avalon Subdivision in Hahnville has power. Willowdale, Davis Plantation and some other areas in Mimosa are still without power. If you have internet, you can post what area you live in and maybe someone will respond as to whether your area has power. Not everyone on the east bank has power, Van's Lane doesn't have power. We all need to practice patience during this stressful time. There are many without power all over the state and are just as anxious as we are to get home to look over our property and get our lives back in order.

DancingGranny26 said...

I found this list of gas stations that are open on the Emergency LA website:

It may be of some help for those traveling back home.

brg45 said...



Anonymous said...

any word on ice?

Anonymous said...

If you live in Ormond (or on that side), enjoy your luxury of pizza, coffee, and a nice sit-in at the sports bar.

If you live in Boutte, I hope you can eat wood and nails or at least have the gas to get to Ormond.

savedbyHisLife said...

does anyone know if Dianne Place has electricity?

lacajundepeaux said...

I live on Magnolia Ridge Rd-on the corner by Magnolia Manor subdivision just past the big curve. Does anyone know if there is power down that street-going toweard Louie's Wrecker?

Does Mimosa Park Elem have power?

Denise said...

All of Villere Drive has power, but Villere Place does not have power. Any word on when this area will be powered?

nana1959 said...

Evangeline Rd has power. didn't see montz listed.

Dustin said...

Dustin Gaar State Farm Agency will be open Friday morning 8 am. In the meantime if you have a claim to submit with us call my office 985-764-8414 or 1800 SF CLAIM. Your claim can get submitted at either number. Leave a message if you like to speak with one of us. We'll be calling back everyone as soon as possible.

arkansas said...


K said...

Brightway Signs in Hahnville is open using generator power. All employees are asked to return to work as soon as they safely can get back. Lots of work to do.

gawd fodder said...

could someone please tell me if power is back on in the 100 block of clayton drive??? I really want to come home!!!

Melissa Lynch said...

Hi everyone I hope everyone made out ok with the storm. I am still in Little rock, AK. I would like to come back home, but would like to know if I have power first. So please post if anyone knows if Davis Dr. in Luling has power. Thanks and God Bless everyone.

Melissa Lynch said...

Any word on Davis Dr. in Luling having power. I am in Little Rock, AK and would like to come home, but don't see the point if I don't have any power please post if anyone knows anything. Thanks and God Bless everyone.

Adm Asst said...

LATTER & BLUM, INC/REALTORS is open for business - 985-785-4455

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

it would be great if we could drop the petty stuff for the sake of the parish...I live in St. Rose on the EASTBANK and am still without power...don't assume that just because some people on the eastbank have power that everyone is living high on the thankful that you have a house to go home to, and have a little patience while Entergy works feverishly to restore our precious power

melbaloo2 said...

I really like how we had food,water,rmes, and tarps on only one side of the river. For katrina it was on both sides and we only had it for one day and the cops were so mean to people telling you WE HAVE NO FOOD KEEP GOING! my family didnt get any food and i had to spend my last couple of dollars to go to winn dixie and buy food. I think our parish president should have done a better job and the sherriff should have made sure to tell his men to treat ppl with respect. i under stand they were stressed but so are we. WE are in need and should get along and help one another.

Johanna said...

These workers are doing the best they can people were warned about living condtions upon their return. Instead of complaing about what you dont have try saying thank you to all of the men and women who are working hard to get everything back in order. Be greatful you have a home to come back to.

Stop relying on the govt to provide food and stuff whenever there is storm. You live in louisiana and you know when a hurricane comes thru you should have gone to Walmart or somewhere and stocked up on tons of food and water and other things you need for at least 3 weeks. Did some of you learn anything after Katrina ??

Johanna said...

Sorry about the typos in my previous post.

PS Remeber there are people who wish their only problem was not have food water and ice and power. Some people came home to find their homes destroyed and they have to start over think about those people before you complain because you didnt get a decent meal for a few days.

gwarox said...

Johanna, I don't think typo's are the only thing you should apoligize for! Most people I know do not have the funds to be prepared for 3 weeks!(most people that do have the funds are not the ones looking for handouts) Also, the POD sites are the only place to find ice!

Anthony Ragusa said...

AUTHENTIC AIR LLC is open for businesss.

Services all makes and models of air conditioning and heating equipment. State Licensed and insured.
Please Call 504-421-2647

Johanna said...

To Gwarox: Lets see a jug of water at walmart cost less than .80 cent tuna runs about 1.50 a can let's see most pop top can goods cost less than $2.00

So tell me again that people cant afford to spend about $50.00 - 100.00 bucks on enough food for 3 weeks. Ice is a toatally different issue.

Hurricanes are tough to live through but I dont see why its so wrong to tell grown adults to try to help themselves beforee the storm so they are so misrable after the storm, I am not rich by no means of the word, but when officals warned about the Storm I made sure I had enough food and water to last and enough food to share with others before it was too late.

Its called being a responsible citizen. Our area is not the only place where mother nature interrupts life. Midwest deals with floods North have to deal with snow people who live on the West Coast deal with wild fires.

Johanna said...

That is so they are not so misrable after the storm. Once again excuse my errors in typing.

Oh yeah I wonder how many people on here have told an offical thank or told a memeber of the armed forces, police depart, or the people who are out working on their power thank your for their hard work instead complaining why they dont have power??

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ms. Jo for saying what needed to be said!!!

JComardelle said...

I agree with Johanna, we all Indured this HURRICANE, we were fortunate, we missed Katrina and we missed Gustave (at least in the type of damages that was done) -- at least we come home and find it still standing. Our Police, Military, Entergy(contractors) and many others are on top of this and doing the BEST and FASTEST repair work for us - I am fortunate, I have electricity now, but I was without for over a week with Katrina - I did not complain. The less fortunate are our Elderly & Disabled who live on itsy bitsy social security checks. No matter how much money you, me, or anyone has or don't have "Hurricanes are coming every year, we may be lucky to miss one, but we are going to get one too. My advice to all the people who are not ready financially --- Start a HURRICANE RELIEF banking acct. if you save $20.00 a month that is $240.00 more that you had, and you will be ready to stock up on canned meats & water. This is not to offend anyone, it is a true fact of "being prepared".

aknuppel said...

Four Stars Childcare Facility, LLC. in PARADIS will open Monday, September 8th at 5:30 am.