Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Feeder Bands

The first feeder bands have rolled through the parish. I was standing on the courthouse veranda talking to Channel 4 news as the winds kicked up and horizontal rain blew in. It was gone within five minutes.

There's already been a tornado spotted over Lake Salvador, prompting EOC to blow its warning sirens yet again.

And so, we've gotten the first taste of Gustav... more to come.

-Renee Allemand


Jessica said...
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fromLuing2Steamboat said...

My parents live on Maryland Drive in Luling. I have moved away and am concerned by the recent shift of Gustav to the left. Is there now more reason for concern? Secondly, is the fresh water diversion an area of concern?

kllsu said...

As a parish resident, I am very thankful to see these condition updates in our parish. Be safe and thank you for what your doing.

St. Charles Parish said...

Gustav is still threatening 9-12 ft. storm surges on both sides of the river... The flooding we will get all depends on the elevation of your particular home. Maryland Drive, being south of 90, has a lower elevation but perhaps the home is built up higher. It's really a wait-and-see game right now.

Stay safe!